We have what your student needs to start the year. Below is a list of items we use regularly throughout the year. We would love any donations from this list at anytime throughout the year. 

For class supply donations:

                Pencils (1 or 2 boxes)

                Pencil Top Erasers (1 or 2 boxes)

                Lined Paper (1-3 packages)


                Hand Sanitizer      

                Colored Pencils

                Crayola Markers (or whatever brand)

                Glue Sticks 


                Dry Erase Markers (black)

                Clorox Wipes

                Construction paper/other types of art paper

                Zip lock bags (quart and gallon)

                Snack bags

                Sandwich bags

                75, 4oz Jars (for pioneer days the last few weeks of school)



Wish List: 

                Small Prizes for Prize Box         


Amazon Wish List  Click the amazon list if you would like to donate something from this list. All things listed are used throughout the year and greatly appreciated.